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Window-treatments-3The type of fabric you use for window coverings will depend on your clients’ preferences, on the intended purpose (purely decorative, light control, insulation, etc.), on the color scheme, and sometimes on the availability of certain materials. If you’re working closely with a drapery workroom, they can advise you on the availability of materials, the types of fabrics they carry, and how to measure for a wide range of curtain, drapery, and shade styles and types. As mentioned earlier, some workrooms offer measuring and installation services that you can take advantage of.

When you’re budgeting for the amount of fabric to be used in your client’s windows, you need to be aware of how each type of window covering is measured and manufactured. Be sure to check with your preferred supplier or manufacturer on the amount of material needed for each application.

In general, curtain and drapery panel widths are measured at a 2 to 1 ratio. This means that if you are measuring for a 24″ panel, for example, you would actually need twice that amount of material to create the distinctive pleats and folds in the fabric.

You also need to add in another 6″ of fabric for hemming on each side of the panel (i.e. 3″ per side) for a total of 54 inches. Again, this is something your workroom or supplier usually will take care of, but you should be aware of it so you can budget for the materials used.

You also have to consider the type of mounting hardware you will be using. The finished length of each curtain panel will depend on whether you are using a rod pocket, tab or ring mounting. For a pocket mount, the finished length is measured starting at the top height of where the rod will be mounted. For tabs you will need to deduct the length of the tab from the finished length. For ring mounting deduct the outside diameter of the ring from the length of the panel and ignore any measurement for floor clearance.

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