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curtainPleated blinds are used especially to reduce heat and light from outside. They also help to retain heat during colder months of the year. Versatility is a major feature of these blinds since they can be specially made to work in arched windows (in a fan shape) or with angled windows under sloping ceilings, and they are often used in skylight applications.

Pleated blinds are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and textures. They are also available with “metalized” backings to maximize their heat-reflecting qualities.

Austrian blinds are essentially a curtain with drawstrings to pull the curtain upward rather than sideways. Since the fabric is longer than the window application size, dramatic scallops are formed adding drama to any window. They are usually made with light-weight fabrics because of the amount of material used.

Shades can be used for both casual and formal styles. If they are used for casual styles, they would likely be used on their own while if they are used for formal styles, they would likely be used to add an extra element of privacy and sunlight blockage behind formal curtains, sheers or drapes. Some shades can be bought pre-made but often they need to be ordered to size and fabrics can be selected for custom made shades.

Roller shades are a traditional type of window treatment that uses a spring loaded roller mechanism. They are ideal as a blackout shade and can be used alone or layered with curtains. One desirable feature is that when raised no part of the window is blocked by the shade for maximum view or light exposure. They are also available in screen fabrics to cut glare and soften light (used, for example, in a kitchen application).




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