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Drapes are normally used in formal decorating styles such as Colonial or Victorian and they are typically custom made with exquisite and luxurious fabrics filled with texture. Drapes are often lined and can provide excellent blockage of sunlight as well as privacy. Draperies are most often used in living rooms, great rooms and dining rooms to add a more formal touch.

Blinds are often used for casual decorating styles such as Country or Modern. Numerous color options are available and although blinds do provide a level of privacy and some blockage of sunlight, they do not always provide complete coverage. Accordingly, if these are critical factors for your client, then this type of window covering should not be selected. Blinds can be custom ordered; however, Venetian blinds can often be purchased directly from a home improvement store where they will cut the blinds to size while you wait.

Venetian blinds are available in narrow (1″-2″) or wide (2 1/2″-3″) slat widths. Narrower slats give more privacy and block more light, while the wider slats allow more light to enter and offer fewer sight lines. They are available in vinyl, aluminum, wood, faux wood, or sheer design for more privacy when opened (i.e. slats sit inside a sheer fabric that diffuses light but still provides a view).

Vertical blinds are used more often in office and commercial applications but frequently used in residential settings as well. Automated systems are an available option that add a touch of high tech convenience. Some systems can detect light level changes and open and close according to lighting conditions as well as closing completely when darkness falls. Verticals are available in a wide range of materials and colors.


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