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Selecting Upholstered Furniture (2)

To determine if an item will be comfortable for your client, make sure that they try it out. For example, if they are purchasing a mattress, have them lie down on the instore sample. If they are purchasing a sofa, have them sit on it and make sure that they are able to sit back far enough to be able to relax and feel comfortable while still feeling supported on the piece.

Have them run their hand over the fabric selected and make sure that it feels comfortable to them (not too rough and not too soft to touch).

As you can see, there are many factors to take into consideration when assisting your client with selecting furnishings. Once you have determined the color scheme and style for the area being decorated, you are in a great position to start looking for furniture. You can then select a piece of furniture that is suitable as far as the look and style, comfort, construction and durability go.

For upholstered items, you can then select desired upholstery with the texture, pattern and color preferred. You can then ask about ordering in the piece, and find out about the return policy and any warranties given.

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