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Must Know Repairs and Renovation Checklist

?  Have any repairs completed (e.g. fixing cracks in the wall or ceiling)

?  Arrange for any painting required on walls or ceiling

?  Arrange for installation of any wall coverings (wallpaper)

?  Arrange for installation of any tile or wood on walls

?  Have any fabric sewn and applied to the walls

?  Arrange for installation of any moldings (crown, chair, baseboard, case)

?  Have any archways constructed

?  Have any repairs completed (e.g. replacing a cracked tile)

?  Have any carpet installed

?  Have any hardwood or softwood installed

?  Have wood treated with a sealant and finished off

?  Have any tiles laid and grouted

?  Have any vinyl or laminate or other type of flooring installed

?  Have any ceiling light fixtures installed

?  Have any wall-mounted light fixtures installed

?  Have any under-cabinet or under-shelf lighting fixtures installed

?  Have any new windows installed

?  Have any cabinets or countertops installed

?  Have any sinks, tubs, toilets installed

?  Have any additional electrical work completed

?  Have any required plumbing work completed

?  Have any heating work completed

?  Have any built-in units constructed

?  Have any new doors installed

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