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Is It the Right Time to Change Your Mattress?

tradition-mattressHow often do you change your mattress? If you answer never, you should change your mattress soon because mattresses have limited lifetime, around 8 to 12 years old. If you think you’ve passed that period of time, start finding mattress sales from now on. We are going to discuss further about the signs for changing the mattress:

  • If your neck becomes stiff upon awakening
  • If your feel back pain when you get up
  • If your bed is not comfortable as before and is broken in some parts
  • If your bed starts creaking noises
  • If your bed case is not flat anymore or begins to falter
  • If your bed starts narrowed, so you and your partner often bumped each other

At the beginning, it’s stated that the mattress’ lifetime is around 8 to 12 years, but it can be faster if it’s slept by overweight people. Therefore, if you feel those points stated above, don’t wait too long, change your mattress soon. While you’re at it, it’s always good to change your bedding, so shopping for new items for Bed Bath and Beyond might be beneficial when changing a mattress.

You should keep in mind that the quality of your sleep is very important. You should feel relax and comfortable at the time you get up, make sure that all of your energy are back when you get up, so you’re ready to work hard all day long.

Have a wonderful day!

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