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How to Handle any Troubleshooting Easily

home renovationDetermine if anything needs to be repaired (such as a crack in the wall or ceiling) or if any renovations and/or installations are to be done and have these co-ordinated and completed before decorating begins.

For example, if an archway is being added, this will need to be handled at this stage and prior to any further decorating or placement of furniture. You will need to coordinate any repairs or renovations with your preferred contractor and suppliers and develop a schedule that will work with your client as well.

In addition to the above, you will have previously determined if there is enough lighting in the space to be decorated or whether any new light fixtures need be added. If new light fixtures are required, this is the time to have the electrician come in and wire them in and also have the fixtures installed.

Following is a checklist of possible repairs or renovations that may (or may not) be required for a particular decorating project. If required, these repairs and renovations should be scheduled in within your decorating plan and completed before the furniture is brought in and arranged.

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