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How To Choose Best Furniture for Your Home

Essential-Home-FurnitureAnother part of decorating that can be quite enjoyable is selecting furnishings for the area being decorated. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of factors involved in furniture, including the construction and durability, materials used (wood and upholstery, etc.), functionality, comfort, cost, and the one that’s most personal to your client style!

Before you even set off with your client to select furnishings, there are a few things that should be determined:

1. You will need to find out which furniture items, if any, will be staying or have already been purchased for the area being decorated. It is important to know this because any new furnishings will have to work with the current furnishings. It is ideal to bring a photo of any current furnishings that can be pulled out and compared with desired furniture items to ensure that the colors, fabrics, patterns, style, etc. will work together.

2. You will need to determine what items of furniture are still required and what each item will be used for. This is important to know because if your client wants a chair for their living room to be used for reading or relaxing, then comfort will be an important factor. However, if the chair is being purchased to make a statement and to look aesthetically pleasing but will rarely be used, comfort will not be a priority.

3. You will need to determine your client’s decorating style preference for any new furniture items. Ideally you will have already determined this from earlier meetings with your client. If this isn’t yet clear, you can always have your client flip through a few interior decorating books or magazines and have them point out what type of furniture they want to purchase. By knowing this information up-front, this will help narrow down the types of furniture stores you will want to look at.

When shopping for furniture, it will be helpful to come prepared with items that will help with your selection. For example, if a sofa will be staying in the room to be decorated and you are out looking for two occasional chairs to go in the room, it will be helpful to bring a cushion (or fabric swatch) from the sofa to help with matching up colors, etc.

Additionally, it will also help to bring swatches or samples of other elements being used in the room (such as flooring samples, wall coverings, other fabrics, etc.) so that you can determine whether any desired furnishings will work with the other elements in the room.

When shopping for furniture, you will need to be familiar with the types of materials that can be used (both woods and upholstery fabrics) and it is also beneficial to know about quality, construction and comfort.

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