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Dealing With Your Window Cover

window coverWindow coverings can add texture, color, drama and interest to any room while also serving a functional purpose.

There are a number of factors you will need to take into consideration when selecting window coverings and the most important of these are privacy, function, style and how much light you want to allow in.


One of the main reasons for using window coverings is for privacy, unless your client lives in a remote area and this is not an issue. To get complete privacy, it is ideal to select a window covering that will provide complete opaque covering, such as shades, or lined drapes or curtains. A level of privacy can also be obtained by using blinds and shutters.


For the window covering to work, it needs to be functional. For example, your client will need to be able to open and close the window coverings as they require. The window coverings will need to serve the purpose your client intends for them to serve (such as blocking out light in a nursery when a young child is sleeping, etc.).

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