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Dealing With Your Window Cover (2)

window_coverLight Control

Another reason to include window coverings is to control the amount of sunlight that is allowed into a room. During the bright of day, your client may want the option to tilt blinds or close curtains and drapes to keep the glare down, especially in rooms with TVs and computers.

Additionally, your client may wish to protect furnishings, carpets and fabrics from fading due to excessive UV rays from sunlight. Also, in the summer months, when the sun rises early (often before most individuals plan to awake), having window coverings that completely block out the sunlight    such as shades or heavily lined drapes Рmay be important to some people.


Besides having window coverings that block sunlight, provide privacy and are functional, it is ideal to select window coverings that are aesthetically pleasing and offer a decorative element.

Some options for window coverings are set out below with comments to take into consideration when determining which type of window covering to select.

Curtains can be used for either a formal or casual style depending on the type of fabric (and pattern) selected. Many styles of curtains can be bought pre-made or fabric can be chosen to have curtains custom made. Curtains can be lined to block out the sunlight, if required, and they can be wide enough so that they close fully and provide complete privacy. Curtain panels can be either stationary and purely decorative or they can be functional and able to be drawn open and closed.

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