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Dealing With Your Window Cover (2)

Light Control Another reason to include window coverings is to control the amount of sunlight that is allowed into a room. During the bright of day, your client may want the option to tilt blinds or close curtains and drapes

Dealing With Your Window Cover

Window coverings can add texture, color, drama and interest to any room while also serving a functional purpose. There are a number of factors you will need to take into consideration when selecting window coverings and the most important of

Selecting Upholstered Furniture (2)

To determine if an item will be comfortable for your client, make sure that they try it out. For example, if they are purchasing a mattress, have them lie down on the instore sample. If they are purchasing a sofa,

Is It the Right Time to Change Your Mattress?

How often do you change your mattress? If you answer never, you should change your mattress soon because mattresses have limited lifetime, around 8 to 12 years old. If you think you’ve passed that period of time, start finding mattress

Selecting Upholstered Furniture

When selecting upholstered furniture, you will often be able to select the upholstery (i.e. fabric) from a number of options that are available with the particular furniture line. You will want to select a fabric that has a texture, design,