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Using Lamps for Lighting

Lighting-decorOne easy way to add lighting to a room is to use lamps. Lamps can be considered decorative accessories as well. When selecting a lamp for your client, you will want to take into consideration the style and color of the lamp (and shade) together with what type of light the lamp generates. Following are some tips about the various types of lamps that you can choose from to add a variety of lighting to a client’s home.

Floor and table lamps are usually used for general lighting purposes in living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms. Often a floor lamp will illuminate an area that doesn’t get much light. Table lamps can also be used in bedrooms. The advantage of using floor and table lamps is that they can easily be brought into a room (with no need for an electrician) and can be moved from place to place, if needed, to add lighting.

Additionally, table and floor lamps can add color, texture, interest and a whole new decorative element to a room. The average height of a table lamp ranges from 24″ to 32″ while the average height of a floor lamp ranges from 62″ to 72″.

Desk lamps are often used in an office space or a space where hobbies are performed or studying or reading is done. These lamps are normally between 12″ to 20″ high and are used as task lighting to illuminate a specific area.

Table accent lamps (i.e. occasional table lamps) are normally under 22″ high and are often used in bedrooms, entranceways, hallways and other areas that need extra lighting.

Accent lamps (i.e. lamps used for direct accent lighting) are used to “accent” a particular piece of artwork or sculpture, etc.

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