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Using Lamps for Lighting (3)

Shades come in many different sizes and colors and can be found with fabrics made from many different patterns and textures. When selecting lamps and shades, make sure that you bring fabric swatches of your furniture, flooring, and other room elements to ensure that the lamp and shade will work with the other items.

Another thing to take into consideration is the types of light bulbs you choose to place in the lamps for your client. This will depend on whether you plan to set a mood or accent a particular space with the lamp or whether the lamp is being used for a specific activity, such as reading.

Lower wattage/lower voltage lighting is becoming increasingly popular with today’s energy conscious consumer. You should keep this is mind when looking for lighting options. Ask the lighting salesperson if these bulbs will be an option for a particular lamp or type of lighting.

Light bulbs can give off different color (from white to yellow and beyond) and can give a warm effect (yellow tinted light bulbs) or cool effect (white light bulbs or light bulbs with a slight blue tint).

To find lamps, check out lighting stores, lighting showrooms, furniture stores, home decor stores and even home improvement stores.

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