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Light Fixtures

lamp lightingBesides using lamps, there are a variety of ceiling and wall-mounted light fixtures that may be suitable for decorating and lighting up your client’s home.

Other forms of light fixtures that can be quite decorative to use are wall sconces (these are great for accent lighting and/or to add ambience) or wall lamps (for more general lighting). These types of light fixtures can be added when there is limited table space for a lamp or when a decorative look is wanted in a space, especially with wall sconces.

Living rooms and dining rooms are popular places for wall sconces while bedrooms are often where you will use wall lamps. These types of fixtures are called wall-mounted fixtures.

When considering wall options keep in mind that unless you are working on a renovation project and included in the early planning stages, wall mounted lighting (particularly wall sconces) will be difficult to install. They will need to be hard-wired in by a qualified electrician, unless you use the type of wall sconces where the electrical cord is encased in metal or plastic tubing that will then scale down the wall to the nearest plug.

Another form of light fixture is an undershelf or undercabinet fixture that can provide both task and accent lighting. You will often find undercabinet lighting in kitchens and undershelf lighting in display cabinets to accent treasures.

TIP: A great way to add versatility to your light fixtures is to install dimmer switches so that the amount of light can be varied depending on the activity and mood/ambience desired.

When determining lighting required for a space, first determine all types of lighting required (general, task and/or accent) and then determine how you would like the various types of lighting brought into the room (whether through ceiling fixtures, wallmounted fixtures, table or floor lamps, desk lamps, accent lamps, etc.).

Lamps and light fixtures can be found at lighting stores, lighting showrooms and home improvement stores. Additionally, you can often find a number of decorative lamps at furniture stores and stores like The Bombay Co. and Bowring (in Canada). To find lighting stores in your area check the yellow pages under “Lighting Fixtures” and “Lamps.11

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