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How Much Light Do You Need?


Lighting in a room is another very important element both for functionality (for example, being able to read) and for setting a mood and creating an atmosphere.

To determine lighting requirements, you first need to know what the room will be used for. This will likely have been determined earlier through meetings with your client. If the space will be used for entertaining, reading, and watching television, the needs will be very different than if it will only be used for watching television or for working.

For entertaining purposes, your client will likely want to create an ambience through the lighting. For working purposes, your client will need sufficient task lighting (i.e. lighting that is bright enough to be able to work).

Next, assess what lighting is already available. Some things to consider are:

  • How much natural daylight is there within the room?
  • Where are the current light fixtures?
  • Will more light fixtures need to be installed?
  • What floor and/or table lamps will be used for the space and will more need to be purchased?
  • Where will all the activities (working, reading, eating, etc.) take place?
  • Will candles be used to add mood lighting?
  • Is any accent lighting desired (to highlight a prized possession or piece of art)?

After the above items have been considered, you will then be in a better position to determine what lighting is still required for the room. You will do this based on the lighting that is already available and the activities to take place in the room.

For any additional lighting required, you will then need to determine whether lighting fixtures and/or lamps will work best for each given situation.


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