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Light Fixtures

Besides using lamps, there are a variety of ceiling and wall-mounted light fixtures that may be suitable for decorating and lighting up your client’s home. Other forms of light fixtures that can be quite decorative to use are wall sconces

Using Lamps for Lighting (3)

Shades come in many different sizes and colors and can be found with fabrics made from many different patterns and textures. When selecting lamps and shades, make sure that you bring fabric swatches of your furniture, flooring, and other room

Using Lamps for Lighting (2)

One thing to keep in mind is that most people do not use enough lighting while decorating. Using lamps in a space serves two functions:

Using Lamps for Lighting

One easy way to add lighting to a room is to use lamps. Lamps can be considered decorative accessories as well. When selecting a lamp for your client, you will want to take into consideration the style and color of

How Much Light Do You Need?

Lighting in a room is another very important element both for functionality (for example, being able to read) and for setting a mood and creating an atmosphere.