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Make Money As Interior Design Specialist at Part Time Job

make moneyAnother good way to get related experience is by taking a part-time job for a company involved in the interior decorating industry. Even if the job doesn’t focus on decorating, it can give you an opportunity to learn valuable skills that could help with your future job hunt.

One of the easiest ways to get this kind of experience is by applying for a part-time retail sales job. Many retailers have high rates of staff turnover, so they are always hiring. While the starting pay won’t be high, you will get the kind of experience that employers and clients look for.

The types of retailers that can best prepare you for an interior decorating career are those that sell related products, such as: home furnishings, lighting, fabrics, house paint, housewares, art, antiques, etc. If you have the opportunity, look for a position where you will have an opportunity to work with and learn about a broad range of decorating styles.

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