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Get Experience By Decorate Your Friend House (2)

When someone wants to use your services, try to treat them the way you would treat a “real” client. Meet to discuss their needs, and make sure you discuss any budget. If they want you to buy materials for them, arrange to receive payment for materials in advance.

To avoid misunderstandings, it’s a good idea to prepare a simple contract even if you’re working with family members. (Let them know you need the practice.) See Chapter 6 for detailed information about working with clients.

Another thing to let your friends and family know in advance is that you will want to take “before” and “after” photos for your portfolio. You can also ask for a letter of recommendation once you have finished decorating for anyone who has a different last name than yours. (Unfortunately, a recommendation letter from your mom probably won’t impress future employers.) See Chapter 4 for more information about photos and letters of recommendation.

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