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Find An Internship As Interior Designer

An internship is a short-term, entry-level position that gives you hands-on work experience. As an intern you would go to work for a company at regularly scheduled times (although you might work as few as eight hours per week) and carry out tasks assigned by your supervisor. The main difference between an internship and a regular job is that most interns are not paid.

Although you will likely be volunteering your services to a company, you get practical work experience that can be very helpful once you start applying for jobs or start looking for clients for your own decorating business. As an intern you can make valuable industry contacts, learn new decorating skills, and build your resume and portfolio.

You can offer your services for as little as a week; however, you will have the opportunity to learn more if you can arrange a longer internship. (For example, the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design arranges ten-week internships for its students.)

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